KOLIMI Brand is a registered Trademark of KITCO, INDIA. We produce different items under KOLIMI like, Basmati and Non-Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, Calrose/Japonica Rice, Spices, etc. Our products are distributed by well-known distributors around the world. At KITCO, we never compromise on the quality of the products which we produce and distribute under KOLIMI at the same time, we care our Distributors/Customers with Quality Products, Timely Delivery and provides marketing support as well for their Territory. This is our primary brand and trusted by millions of food connoisseur’s in the world. KOLIMI has given bigger mileage to KITCO since so many years.


ROYAL CUISINE brand is the registered Trademark of KITCO. This is the second brand of KITCO. Under ROYAL CUISINE, we pack and deliver vegetables and fruits from different countries. We have Indian Red Onions, Indian Pepper, Dragon Fruit from Vietnam, etc. As the word ROYAL CUISINE stands for Royal to Cuisine, similarly our vegetables are a complete Royal to any Cuisine. We maintain highest quality of vegetables under this brand.


RIYA GOLD is the registered Trademark of Absolute Trading LLC. KITCO is authorized Sales and Marketing Agent of Riya Gold products. We have Indian Biscuits, Peanut Butter, Indian Rice, Pineapple Slices, Olive Oil, etc. Do you wish to be a distributor in your Territory for Riya Gold? please click here.RIYA GOLD is a well known brand in Middle East, since its inception in 2001, company has not compromised in quality of the products which are produced under this brand, which had given a huge acceptance for the brand.


LOTUS is the registered Trademark of Lotus Rice Co. Ltd, Vietnam. Lotus Rice is an international food brand selling over 20 countries which includes USA, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia. KITCO is the authorized distributor of LOTUS Rice in Kuwait. Under LOTUS brand, we have Jasmine Rice, Sushi Rice, White Rice, Parboiled Rice, etc. LOTUS Rice has gained the trust of millions of customers world-wide. Do you wish to buy LOTUS Jasmine Rice for Kuwait please click here to chat with us for pricing and samples


KOLIMI’S CUISINE brand is the registered Trademark of KITCO. It is the third brand of KITCO, which produces, Spices, Pulses etc. We have specialized packing unit to deliver quality products under this brand. KOLIMI’S CUISINE produces and export Indian Spices. Click here to contact us for pricing and samples.